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Dr Mohammad Umar
Dr Md Sohel Rana


Vocabulary is one of the most essential ingredients of any language. This article examines the difficulties encountered by EFL learners in acquiring vocabulary and offers viable solutions. It becomes a challenge to L2 learners to grasp the words and employ them in real life. Despite the significant contribution that vocabulary makes to language acquisition, only a small fraction of the total number of instructional hours in language courses is devoted to vocabulary teaching. In the past, teachers would either give their students short oral responses or direct them to look something up in a dictionary or some other source of meaning.

The fact that educators depend on their own views and perspectives and are unsure about the efficacy of vocabulary teaching techniques is one probable cause of this lack of focus on vocabulary learning. In this article the authors have presented the different teaching techniques for vocabulary development how we can incorporate those approaches in language teaching.


Lexis, Saudi EFL learners, teaching strategies, vocabulary


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