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Stability Criterion of a Processing Plant
using PID Controller

Author - 

Intekhab Ahmad
Hussain Firoz Ansari


This paper presents an stability criterion of an unstable Processing Plant using PID Controller. The effect of time delay plays an important and significant role for considering of the stability of Processing having generator and excitation control system and it’s associated with other measuring devices, communication links used for data transfer. The time delay also called as delay margin is determined ideally by using PID controller. Under some specified condition of time delay, the processing plant having excitation loses and their stability. Therefore, to make the system stable, an stabilizer is used to generate the processing signals for the specified time in order to damper the low frequency oscillations for the time delay and PID controller with stabilizer. It performs the better operation of the processing.


Process Plant, Time delays, Delay margin, PID controller with Stabilizer.


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