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Recycling Concrete

Author - 

Ali Akbar
Yogesh Kumar


Concrete recycling is an increasingly common method of utilizing the demolished or renovated concrete. The process involved for recycling are crushing, pre-sizing, sorting, screening and contaminant elimination. Further cleaning is necessary to ensure the recycled concrete products is free of dirt, clay, wood, plastic and organic materials. This is done by water floatation, hand picking, air separators and electromagnetic separators. The more care that is put into the quality, the better product we will receive with sound quality control and screening. Seceral advance have made recycling more economical for all types of concrete pavements. These includes:- · development of equipment for breaking concrete be they plain, mesh and doubly continous reinforced. · Develoment of methods to remove steel that minimizes the labour. Use and application of crushing equipments that can accomodate steel reinforcement.


Reduction of waste; Reduction of Transportation Cost; Reduce Disposal Cost and Employement Oppurtunities.


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