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Mr. Brijesh Kumar
Mr. Sandeep Kumar Singh
Mr. Piyush Kumar


The aim of this research paper is to examine the impact of the post-COVID period on the growth of Indian foreign trade in Ayurvedic products. The study focuses on the significant developments in the Ayurveda industry, particularly in the aftermath of the pandemic, and explores the influence of COVID-19 on the Indian foreign trade of Ayurvedic products. The research design employed in this paper is exploratory, utilizing secondary data collected from various sources, primarily Google content. The collected data was carefully reviewed, edited, and synthesized to fulfill the objectives of the study. Analysis of the data revealed a surge in demand for Indian Ayurvedic products following COVID-19, with a projected positive trend and significant growth in foreign trade. As the role and contribution of Ayurvedic products continue to increase both domestically and globally, this study holds practical value, particularly in the post-COVID-19 period. While the study relies entirely on secondary data, the content analysis and synthesis conducted represent original work by the author. The findings of this study contribute to further research in the same field.


Ayurveda, AYUSH, Covid-19, EXIM policy, Indian Foreign Trade, Pandemic


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