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A Novel Testing Framework for SOA Based Services

Author - 

Niraj Singhal


Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) has become one of the vital backbones of business realignment in a cost effective manner, as more and more business enterprises are adopting SOA. So, it becomes very important for defect free delivery and its mapping to business requirement. SOA has changed the way business enterprises get aligned with technology with a very fast pace keeping the demand of re- alignment time very short. Testing of services becomes equally important in SOA implementation in the context of enterprise architecture, business re- alignment etc. Manual test case generation is time consuming. Manual test cases lose their usability after some time because services are dynamically published, bound, invoked and integrated. This makes automatic test case generation more important. This report investigated various SOA testing perspectives and SOA testing challenges. We reviewed some related work on automatic test case generation for SOA based application. In this report a complete study of the SOA basics is done and then various testing approaches are explained, We have proposed a novel testing framework for SOA based services. To test the SOA based services we used web service description language (WSDL) file of that services The implementation of service, test case generation from model and then testing of the service is also explained.


SOA, Automatic Test Case Generation, Testing Framework, WSDL


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